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Occupational First Aid - Level 3

Jan. 30-Feb. 10

March 6-17

April 17-28

May 15-26

June 19-30

Occupational First Aid - Level 2

Occupational First Aid - Level 1

January 13

March 20

April 3

May 8

June 5

Occupational First Aid - Transportation Endorsement

January 6

March 23

April 6

May 11

June 8

St. John Ambulance - Standard for Industry 

March 21/22

April 4/5

May 9/10

June 6/7

St. John Ambulance - Spinal Endorsement for Mines 


    Additional Dates Available Upon Request       



Additional Dates Available Upon Request

Training at your location


Staying Alive Academy will come to your location to provide first aid training onsite!

Contact us today for more information.

Don't see the course you are looking for?  Course dates not lining up with your schedule? 

Call our office and we will make every effort to setup a course that works for you.*


* minimum student requirement*

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